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Advanced Crankbait Trolling Tip – Two Crank Baits with single rod

Chris Pluntz shares his advanced trolling tip with this double crank bait presentation using a a single rod. Duration : 0:9:54

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Trolling Crankbaits for Walleyes

Keith shows how to use your line counter to find the feeding zone while using crankbaits in your open water trolling. Duration : 0:1:27

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Walleye fishing southern style, trolling deep in summer

Catching trophy walleye fishing deep water in August fishing with flutter spoons on downriggers. Duration : 0:3:25

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Walleye Fishing – Walleye Fishing by Trolling

The other day we went walleye fishing, as soon as we came back we hurried to get this walleye fishing video out to you. We’re excited to show you exactly how we were walleye fishing, what we were using, where we were fishing, how deep, and many other great walleye fishing tips. Thanks for watching, […]

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