Covering a lot of area and keeping your bait in the water where the fish are - that’s what trolling is all about. When you are casting lures, your lure is only in the strike zone for a very short period of time - a mere seconds for each cast.

With proper trolling techniques, you can keep your lure running in the strike zone and at the proper depth at all times - or at least as much as possible.

Trolling is equally at home in saltwater as it is in freshwater. This website is about lake trolling, thus we will be focusing mostly on freshwater trolling.

Trolling for fish requires the proper equipment and the kind of fish you are targeting will help dictate what that equipment is. Many types of freshwater fish can be caught by trolling such as trout, salmon, walleye, pike, muskie, striped bass and even crappie.

Trolling methods include using downriggers, outriggers, planer boards, side divers such as Dispsy Divers or even just letting a bunch of line out behind the boat (long-line trolling). You can motor troll, back troll and row troll and if the wind is right drifting can also successfully pull your bait fast enough to toll for fish.

Trolling is not allowed on all lakes so make sure you check your local regulations before you start trolling for fish on your favorite lake.

Trolling can be super productive and gives you the ability to catch the biggest fish. Visit our site on a regular basis and sign-up for our newsletter and subscribe to our RSS feed to keep updated as we add more articles and resources for trolling for big fish.