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Downrigger Trolling Tips for Walleye or Salmon

“Typically by the middle of summer the heat has driven the fish deeper and the deeper those fish are the harder they are to get to”. Watch Pro Fisherman Johnnie Candle share some tips on using downriggers to troll for walleyes or salmon.

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Trolling For Striped Bass

Striped bass like to hang out near the bottom – below the bait so wire line is used to get the lures down to their level. It’s important to prevent line wear to the guides on your rod so make sure

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Advanced Crankbait Trolling Tip – Two Crank Baits with single rod

Chris Pluntz shares his advanced trolling tip with this double crank bait presentation using a a single rod. Duration : 0:9:54

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Rapala minnow rap lure

Here’s a short video introducing the new Rapala minnow rap. Looks like I need to add afew of these to my tackle box. Duration : 0:3:36

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Selecting a Walleye Trolling Rod

Walleye fishing pro Keith Kavajecz of talks about the qualities you want to look for when searching for your next walleye trolling rod. Duration : 0:1:56

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Planer Board Tips by Chris Pluntz

Chris covers planer boards. Learn how to keep them attached to your line and how to make them easy to see at night. Send your fishing tips to Where you’re the pro. Duration : 0:2:29

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Lake Trolling for BIG FISH

Covering a lot of area and keeping your bait in the water where the fish are – that’s what trolling is all about. When you are casting lures, your lure is only in the strike zone for a very short period of time – a mere seconds for each cast. With proper trolling techniques, you […]

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